Beautiful Kitchen Improvements to Make in 2020

Kitchen Improvements IdeasYour kitchen is one of the most well-loved and popular rooms in your entire home.

If you’re thinking about making some kitchen improvements of your own, there is no shortage of amazing ideas that will inspire you to make a change in 2020.

Read on to discover some incredible, beautiful kitchen improvement ideas you can use to make this space look and feel inspiring.

Bring an Island Into the Mix

If you don’t already have one, a kitchen island can do wonders for your cooking space. Look for roomy islands that feature additional elements like a farmhouse sink and lots of storage.

Place some barstools on one end of your island so your family and guests can sit down and enjoy a meal or watch you cook. The kitchen island can have matching countertops with the rest of the room, or you can go bold and pick out something in a contrasting hue for a two-toned look.

Easy Kitchen Improvements Include a Tile Backsplash

Adding a tile backsplash is one of the easiest yet most impactful kitchen improvements you can make. Not only will a new backsplash add sleek sophistication to your kitchen, but it also protects your walls from spills, stains, and splatters.

Choose a trendy tile that complements your current kitchen decor and style. White subway tile is still a classic, but there are tons of incredible tile designs right now like geometric shapes and fish scale styles that will really add visual impact to this space.

Place Your Gaze on New Flooring

With so many different styles of flooring to choose from, it’s easy to install something new that will help your kitchen pop. Try wood-look ceramic tile to bring the appearance of real hardwood into your kitchen that also ensures easy maintenance and cleanup.

Bamboo is a sustainable flooring choice that has grown in popularity, and cork is another eco-friendly option. If you prefer something classic, try luxury vinyl plank floors that have the appearance of hardwood minus all of the extra work and maintenance to keep them looking new.

Upgrade Your Appliances

If you still have that old set of white appliances from the 1980s, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Today’s modern appliances don’t just come in the standard black or stainless steel.

There are plenty of new technologies in the world of kitchen appliances like built-in screens and Bluetooth connected options. Combine that with one of the newest finishes like a matte gray or modern black and your entire kitchen will look brand new.

Make Your Kitchen Shine

Try one or all of these simple kitchen improvements to give your cooking space a makeover for 2020. Whether you add a new island, tile the backsplash, or install new flooring, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re ready for an amazing kitchen remodeling project to happen in your home, contact us so we can help you get started with a quote or consultation today!